10 Ways To Develop High Conversion Friendly E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce allows business and consumers to exchange products and services without any barriers of time and distance, and a website is the first point of contact between them. So designing the website from the audience perspective is crucial for any business.

Considering what things go in making a conversion friendly e-commerce website

  • 1. Knowing the target audience, their needs and shopping psyche help to design your website accordingly.
  • 2. Browsing through a website from one section to another should be fuss-free and convenient. Customers seek how easy it is to access the product’s information they are interested in.
  • 3. Customers demand complete information about the product regarding its use and benefits which add to their satisfaction. Using high-resolution images or product videos give a better chance to interact with the customers and win their trust.
  • 4. Displaying featured products on the landing page gives a fair idea about the specific products to the customers, thus boosting conversions.
  • 5. Glorifying your ‘Buy’ button with images will provoke people to invest in your product.
  • 6. Shoppers require a checklist of items they have decided to purchase before placing the final order and this is taken care of by the shopping cart.
  • 7. Any discounts or special deals offered on any product should be clearly visible on the home page.
  • 8. Apart from the credit card, offer other modes of payment as well.
  • 9. Keep the website free from distractions like links to company’s blog, product ads etc. Instead, always offer social media links on the website.
  • 10. Offer detailed contact information about your company.

Keeping these things in mind while developing the website will always pay off with more customers and high revenues.