At Amigos IT Solutions, we follow a streamlined process to ensure you get quality solutions at best price and at minimum cost. Customer benefits remain our top priority while delivering any solution, and we listen to you before whatever we do. Below is the step-by-step process we follow to execute our solutions:

1. Meet

Understanding your requirements well is highly essential for you, because only this can allow us to meet, or even exceed your expectations. Before we plan our strategy, we discuss with you in details by using the best communication channels out there. If required, we will be glad to meet you in person so that you can explain your expectations in a better way.

2. Plan

Planning is an essential part of every aspect, and it’s even more vital when it comes to deliver web solutions. We have in our team some creative thinkers who create the detailed plans for the services we are about to offer you. Once we are done with planning, we share it with you to seek your approval, or any suggestions if required.

3. Design

The first technical activity involved in our service is designing. With a team of highly creative web designer who have many years of experience in designing arena, we create the graphics that are not just attractive, but are also flawless to use for your customers. As an essential part of our process, we share the design with you to seek your approval or suggestions.

4. Develop

Development phase starts right after the affirmation of design at your end. We use the most advanced technologies available in the industry to create the feature-rich, highly profitable development solutions for you. Considering the fact development is a long process, we remain in your touch sharing the reports of development status together with making necessary changes on-the-go.

5. Testing

Our testing team works hand-in-hand with our development team, analyzing the quality of product even during the development process. However, once the development is over, the project is handled to the testing team to perform a comprehensive quality testing to make sure no loopholes remain there when the product is delivered to you.

6. Launch

There you go! Your project is completed, and is ready to be launched. We assist you to launch your product successfully in relevant marketplace, and also help you generate the audience base through our marketing services.


Amigos IT Solutions is one of the leading Website and Mobile Application solution providers in India offering a wide assortment of Web and Mobile Application development services for our esteemed clients.