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Today buying grocery to booking a movie ticket surmounts to just a click of a button. All credit goes to the app developers. The feeling of making someone’s life better is inexplicable. Isn’t it?
To experience the feeling, you need to create a benchmark in the field of mobile applications. This requires the following skills:
1. Proficiency in modern programming languages - PHP, Java, and Objective-C.
2. Fellowship in mobile Application Programming Interfaces (API) - Apple iOS, Android, Windows mobile, and Symbian.
3. Knowledge of web development languages like HTML and CSS.
4. Ability to build an app with excellent user interface and user experience. It involves the design, speed, and ease of using the application.
5. Flexibility to create an app that is suitable for any platform- iOS, Android or Blackberry.
6. Knowledge of the agile method of software development. This method enables to deliver the features in a step-wise manner. As a result, some benefits can be realised early while the product continues to develop.
7. Skill to write a code that is easy to understand for your co-workers and easy for you to change in future.
8. Expertise in managing the database, its security, and interaction with the hardware.
9. Skilfulness to increase the visibility of your app among other applications.
10. Business tactics to spread a word about your app and its utility.
11. Knowledge about similar applications in the market. This helps you to design an app that covers their drawbacks.
Besides these skills, it is your passion towards app development that will drive you forward.
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