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Electronic gadgets have become an integral part of today’s life and both iOS (iPhone) and Android are the most popular mobile operating systems. But from a developer’s perspective they carry a lot of difference especially for aspiring engineers who want to make a career in mobile application development. These differences may help you figure out your choice.

  • For iPhone you need a computer/laptop running Mac OS which is slightly expensive. On the other hand, Android doesn’t necessarily require Mac OS. It’s compatible with Windows or Linux platforms as well.
  • Since iOS requires Xcode as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), to download it you need to create an apple developer account. Contrastingly, it’s easier to download Android Studio IDE for Android development.
  • iOS has a more robust development environment which creates a productive toolset for making good applications. Developers will often use an iOS as the first strategy, and only port to Android when the design is successful. There are more Android handsets in the market as compared to iPhone but Android presents more development difficulties because of the diverse nature of the platform.
  • In terms of time taken for coding, Android applications require more coding and take longer time to develop than iOS applications. This is due to the programming language used in coding both the operating systems. Android uses Java whereas iOS uses Objective-C and Swift.
Despite these differences the pay scale for both iOS and Android developers is nearly the same as both are equally competent in generating revenues for app vendors and owners.

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